How to look after you hair this lockdown.

Wow how crazy has these past 10 months been. We have all been on such a rollercoaster of a ride and there doesn't seem any end in sight.

So while most of us are once again stuck at home, lets us this time to look after ourselves and take care of ourselves a little more. Whilst most of you reading this may well have hair extensions fitted normally but could be rocking the natural look whilst salons have to remain closed. So here are some tips for getting your natural hair in tip top condition.

1 - STAY AWAY FROM THE HOME DYES. Please wait patiently for your faithful hairdresser to be able to work their magic. We know how frustrating it can be waking up to those roots that are working their way down your head daily, but STOP!!!! and walk away from that home dye kit. That little box doesn't have a relationship with you like your hairdresser does. It doesn't take into account what products are on you hair already, what texture your hair is the current colour or condition of your hair. This means it will be total potluck what colour you will turn out and what condition your hair will be in once you have performed this box dye. Box dyes are so difficult for your hairdresser to remove so your once beloved colour may know longer be an option for you anymore. Please look at other alternatives to touch up those roots and hide those grey.

2 - Give your hair some loving - Order some hair masks, face masks as well if you what to go the whole pamper package. Run yourself a lovely bubble bath and have a break away from everything. pop that hair mask and face mask on lay back and just take some you time for 30 mins.

3 - Stop with the washing and styling -  Whilst we are not venturing out into the big wide world as often there is no need to style our hair as often. Let's embrace our natural locks and STEP AWAY from the heated electrical tools. lets us this time to reduce split ends and breakage whilst waiting for your next haircut. 

4 - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CUT YOUR OWN HAIR - Step away from the scissors if you are doing all of the above and looking after your hair it will cope a little longer without its routine cut and blow. So please don't be tempted because more often than not these haircuts are usually regretted.